[Image: Cover in the 1984-1985 Class Directory]

My name is Dave Barker and I grew up in Homer, Alaska. In the summer of 2003 I'll have my tenth year high school reunion and while anticipating the event, I reviewed the yearbooks I had on hand. The oldest of these was titled, "Class Directory, Mrs. Avril's class 4th/5th grade class of 1984-85". The class had about 25 students, consisting interestingly of both fourth and fifth grades. As each of our graduating classes were about 85 students each, this is but a small sampling of my school day chums. It was so cute, I just had to share it, and that is why I made these webpages.

This yearbook was a class project. Each student wrote their own page contents and bound them between covers of their own art made from laminated manila folders.

I first scanned in each page and the pages you will see are unaltered. Since the pages of the yearbook are photocopies, and now quite old, they are faded and somewhat difficult to view. I left them this way both because I'm lazy and I think it offer's a more accurate online viewing experience.

Each student page consists of an image of their original page, to capture that student's style as expressed in their handwriting and layout, etc. It also contains text that I transcribed from that page for easier reading and accesability. Spelling errors and other strangeness I included to stay true to the source (because it's so fun to see how far we've come).

I remember our teacher at the time said that one day we'll really get a kick out of these things. How right she was! Enjoy.