Splash Movie Graphic

Published: 2011-08-31
Updated: 2017-03-30

Happy 60th birthday, Dad!

[Photo: 'Splash Working in Alaska]

Having named your latest boat, Splash, after the 1984 American fantasy romantic comedy film of the same name, it's only fitting that the film's title logo be emblazoned on her. For that, you'll need vector art you can have turned into a vinyl-cut decal... and here it is!

Splash movie title logo, in various vector formats:

If you want it modified in any way (e.g., thickness change, outlined and filled, mulicolored), just let me know!

I'm also providing the source material I used to make it, for you to investigate or work with.

  1. Find the largest source image I could
  2. Crop out the the title logo
  3. Mask (isolate) the letters (these happen to be XCF files)
    1. First pass masking didn't quite do it
    2. Select on white outline worked better
    3. Minus the white outline
  4. Generate an aliased two tone
  5. Raster to vector edge detect (I used Inkscape version 0.48.1)
  6. Use just the outside outline
  7. Export to outline to various vector formats
  8. …6 years… 😉
  9. Enjoy!
    [Photo: Dad with Splash graphic on his boat]